His Arm is Not Too Short

His Arm is not too Short

This article has been written by the mother of a same-sex attracted child.

We have chosen to withhold the name of the author in order to protect the confidentiality and privacy of their child.


I have spent some time thinking about the places I go to and the things that help me stay grounded and focused on God through all the challenges I face, especially with my daughter.

My heart is drawn to the scripture in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”, the very scripture that this ministry was based on.

When I became a Christian I knew very little about the Bible: Noah and Jonah and some other varied children’s stories.  I knew even less about Jesus and what it meant to live out a belief in Him and follow Him.  I studied the Bible, fell in love with Jesus and a God who would never hurt me, never turn away from me, and who would love me unconditionally.  I saw how far I was from what He wanted me to be, how immersed my heart and my life was in serving myself and denying that there even was a God and my heart broke.

It was the deepest revelation to acknowledge that this God, who created the universe and all good things wanted me, called me to follow Him.  I just needed to surrender my life, my all.   The more I studied, the more I learned, the more I prayed, the less outrageous the call to surrender my life became.  It was difficult, but if I could have given more, I would have.  In the face of all that God gave me; in gratitude for the sacrifice God made for me, I surrendered my will for His.  It was a freeing time, a glorious time.

Life happened and as my children grew I did my very best to raise them well.  I raised them the very best way my broken self could and I watched both my children make great choices with their lives and very poor choices.  

When my daughter came out, I was at a loss.  Confused, worried and struggling with my own issues of faith.  Was this my fault?  What could I have done differently?  Can I change this path she’s on?  If I don’t intervene am I letting God down?    I tried hard to keep the struggle to myself and just love my daughter, determined to build bridges that would keep her close to me.  I wanted to have the power to change this decision, I wanted to help her to see that this choice she had made would hurt her.  I knew that God had a plan for her and always will and that my faith was part of that plan.  I continued to build the bridges, but I hurt.  In all this I just wanted her close.

Surrender… the thought came slowly.   I surrendered my will for God.  I gave my life wholeheartedly, my life.  Now I needed to surrender my child into God’s hands, into His plan for her life.  Surrendering me, yes, that was hard, but surrendering my daughter was harder.

“His grace is sufficient”, God called me out of darkness, the mess my life was in.  He has walked beside me through sin….  Ugly, ugly sin and has never left my side.  I turned my faith to believing that God could walk with my daughter through her choices as well…Surrender.  I let myself find peace in knowing that God’s grace is sufficient and can reach farther than I can imagine.  He wants everyone to come to Him, I just need to follow Him and love deeply, build strong bridges and live a life of gratitude.  Grateful for the grace that keeps me close to Him, the grace that is sufficient to cover all the choices we make …


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