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Name Venue Date
SIW Workshop Minneapolis MN May.05 - May.07.2017
SIW Workshop Madison WI May.09 - May.11.2017
SIW Workshop Oslo, Norway Jun.03 - Jun.04.2017
SIW Workshop Copenhagen, Denmark Jun.05 - Jun.06.2017
SIW Workshop Helsinki, Finland Jun.07 - Jun.08.2017
SIW Workshop Stockholm, Sweden Jun.09 - Jun.11.2017
Int'l Families Conference Denver CO Sep.01 - Sep.03.2017
SIW Workshops Brazil Sep.15 - Oct.01.2017
SIW Workshop Kansas City MO Oct.13 - Oct.15.2017
SIW Workshop Calgary AB Oct.20 - Oct.22.2017
Pure & Simple IX Chicago IL Nov.03 - Nov.05.2017

Who Are We

We are a Christian organization that bridges the gap between the Christian community and the LGBTQ community through awareness, education and support.

Strength in Weakness Ministries is currently assisting Christians from hundreds of Christian congregations in countries on every continent the world over. As well, we are teaching Evangelists, Pastors, Church Leaders, Pastoral Care Workers and all Christians how to effectively counsel Christian men and women who are same gender attracted; parents, spouses and siblings how to deal with this challenge in their family relationships, and all Christ followers how to reach out to our gay neighbours for Christ through our workshops.


Contact Us

Strength in Weakness Ministries
Attention: Cathy Hammond
PO Box 20041
Orillia, ON L3V 7X9

  United States
Strength in Weakness Ministries
Attention: Cathy Hammond
2220 Meridian Blvd. Suite W6063
Minden, Nevada 89243

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